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We may be installing the sod on the soccer field across the street, but we still have the time and dedication to care for your backyard. Smilsky Sod Farms Ltd takes pride in providing homeowners with fine Kentucky bluegrass sod for large and small projects. Homeowners in the Barrie region can count on our personalized landscaping solutions.

With our residential sod installation for your Barrie home, you will have the lush green lawn you have always dreamed of. You can pick it up at our Cookstown sod farm, or we can deliver your new lawn right to your yard. If you prefer, we will be more than happy to install your lawn for you professionally.


Please call at least one day in advance if placing an order for delivery or pickup.


When you choose us for sod installation, we take care of all the details. However, the following are some steps you can undertake to prepare for sod installation:

Soil testing: It is recommended that you test the pH level of your soil at a soil-testing lab. The final report will also give you details about changing your soil pH to the ideal level. You will get an insight into what your soil is deficient in so that you can take the necessary steps and ensure that your new sod thrives.

Eliminating weeds and grass: You should use a nonselective vegetation killer to remove vegetation from the area that you will sod. You can do this two weeks before you remove your old sod.

Removing sod: In order to install new sod, you will have to eliminate the existing one. You can use a power cutter to remove your old sod efficiently. We recommend renting a bin for convenient disposal.

Soil treatments: You can add the treatments recommended in the report to your soil. Some typical treatments are lime, compost, sulphur and gypsum.

Tilling soil: If you've added any soil treatments, you should consider tilling your soil. This will help it absorb them better, which creates more conducive conditions for the new sod.

Placing irrigation: This stage of the process is the perfect time to add any irrigation mechanism to your soil. It will be impossible not to tear your grass if you install it later, and you can use it to nourish your grass as it grows.

Removing debris: At this point, remove all the lawn debris, roots, and rocks larger than quarters. You can use a rake to level any ridges and high spots and smoothen the soil. We generally recommend our clients use a landscaping rake instead of an iron rake.

Fertilizer: You should fertilize the soil using a starter fertilizer. The phosphorus in starter fertilizer will help your roots in developing.

Would you like to learn more about preparing your soil for sod installation in Barrie? Please feel free to reach out to us. We also work on commercial properties in Barrie and surrounding areas. 


Some of the benefits of installing sod on your property in Barrie include:

  • Filters ground and rainwater

  • Reduces soil erosion

  • Restores soil quality

  • Absorbs pollutants and cleans the air

  • Generates oxygen

All our sod is cultivated with proper fertilization and care. You can rely on our team of residential sod installation experts to enjoy a healthy and beautiful lawn.


At Smilsky Sod Farms Ltd, our educated foreman and expert crew are well-equipped and capable of handling any concern. We have the knowledge and expertise to care for your lawn. We continuously strive to provide you with the best possible installation and aftercare services for your perfect green lawn.


Preparing your area properly before sod installation is crucial to ensure a successful and healthy lawn. Here are some tips to follow when prepping your area for sod installation:

  • Clear the area: Remove vegetation, including grass, weeds, rocks, and debris to provide a clean slate for the new sod to establish itself.

  • Soil preparation: Test the soil pH and nutrient levels to determine if any amendments are needed. Add organic matter, such as compost or topsoil, to improve soil structure and fertility.

  • Level the surface: Ensure a smooth and even surface for sod installation. Remove any bumps, dips, or uneven areas by filling them with topsoil and levelling them with a rake or lawn roller.

  • Grade for proper drainage: Slope the soil away from buildings and towards appropriate drainage areas to prevent waterlogging. This helps prevent water accumulation and potential damage to the sod.

  • Irrigation system: Inspect and repair any leaks or issues before sod installation. Ensure the system works well enough to provide adequate water for the new sod.

  • Fertilization: Apply a slow-release, balanced fertilizer according to the manufacturer's instructions. This provides essential nutrients to support the establishment and growth of the new sod. Avoid using excessive amounts of fertilizer, as it can burn the roots.

  • Soil compaction: Use a lawn roller or walk over the prepared soil to lightly compact it. It creates good soil-to-sod contact and helps prevent air pockets that could hinder root growth.

  • Moisten the soil: Before laying the sod, thoroughly water the prepared soil to ensure it is evenly moist.

  • Sod installation: Begin laying the sod along a straight edge, like a sidewalk or driveway. Butt the edges tightly together, avoiding any gaps or overlaps. Use a sharp knife to trim the sod for a proper fit around curves or obstacles.

  • Watering: Immediately after installing the sod, water it deeply. Follow a regular watering schedule for the first few weeks, gradually reducing the frequency as the sod establishes.

Following these steps creates an ideal environment for the sod to take root and flourish. These are sod installation tips that will help you achieve a successful sod installation and promote the healthy growth of your new lawn.


Get in touch with us today for professional sod installation services in Barrie.


Smilsky Sod Farms Ltd also replaces old lawns that have faded from grace. We remove the old material, cultivate and grade the ground, and add new soil before we bring your property back to life with new sodding! Read about the various sod care tips post-installation.


Call us to discuss your residential sod installation project and receive a free estimate.

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