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Sod Care in Barrie

With over 70 years of experience in sod delivery and installation around Richmond Hill and the GTA, Smilsky Sod Farms Ltd now shares some valuable sod care tips and information.

Do It Yourself Sod Installation

Loosen the top layer of your soil 2-3 inches deep. An easy method is renting a rototiller from your local rent shop or building supplier. If your soil is sandy or has heavier clay content, adding topsoil is recommended (at least 3 inches). Rake and grade soil so it is sloping away from buildings and walkways. If soil is fluffy (deep foot prints) lightly pack and rake again to ensure a smooth finish once sod is installed.

Upon Delivery of Sod, Lay Immediately

Sod is a perishable product and needs to be installed quickly to ensure a healthy transplant. Install sod along the longest straight edge of the yard. Continue across the yard laying each row in a stagger pattern just like a brick wall. Use a sharp knife to cut and piece in small areas. Lightly roll sod to provide good sod to soil contact.

Water Immediately

On a hot summer day, do not wait more than 30 minutes from unrolling sod to watering.

Sod Care

Once installed, water immediately, thoroughly saturating the sod and soil underneath. You should be able to easily stick your finger 2 inches into soil underneath and feel saturation. Apply extra water along edges as they will dry out first. Maintain moisture for the first week allowing more time in between watering, going into the second week. Once you can give the sod a good tug without it uplifting, transplant is approaching completion. This usually takes 1-2 weeks. Mowing can commence. Maintain a height of 3 inches for the summer but try not to remove more than 1/3 of the leaf length at a time. Sharp lawnmower blades are essential for a healthy lawn!

Sod Versus Seed

  • Sod is an instant clean finish to any project

  • Covers open dirt before weeds can begin

  • Instantly increases curb appeal and home value

  • Prevents soil erosion, mud and dust which is common with seeding

  • To achieve sod like quality seed needs to be fertilized, watered and nurtured for at least a year

  • Weeds are especially difficult to control in seeding because of the Ontario pesticides ban

Benefits of Turf Versus Other Landscaping Options

In an increasingly urbanized world turf plays a key role in maintaining a healthy planet.

Did you know?

  • Turf allows rainwater and runoff to enter the water table and reduces the chances of heavy flooding

  • Captures more carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen then trees covering the same area

  • Provides a cooling effect on the surrounding areas

  • In a world of electronics an open green space allows for more outdoor activities, exercise and healthy living

  • Let the professionals tell you: athletes prefer natural turf over synthetic

If you are looking for more information regarding the sod care in Barrie, feel free to contact Smilsky Sod Farms.


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